Net Worth Sports & Entertainment, LLC.

Your life is sports and entertainment, Your career is sports and entertainment--but have you stepped back to think about your future – how you will develop your enterprise? Who can you turn to for vital services including: Asset Management, Real Estate, Private Equity, Insurance, Tax Planning, Private Banking, legal counsel, Estate Planning and Training-Wellness.

Let us introduce you to a safety net that is long overdue, the Net Worth Sports & Entertainment Program.

As a leading business advisory-personal management group for athletes and entertainers, we know that your career is not over when you retire; it's only the beginning. You deserve peace of mind knowing your future is being handled by the best in the business. Net Worth Sports & Entertainment delivers leading experts in various industries for your business management and life planning needs. The best part is – we do all the work.

While you focus on your profession, your training and your private life, Net Worth Sports & Entertainment focuses on the rest.

Net Worth has aligned with the best of breed service providers within every specialty area mentioned above. Our providers serve as your safety net working to create and preserve substantial wealth for you and your entire family.

One-dimensional agents are becoming obsolete – personal management/business advisory serves to complement your existing representation. Let Net Worth guide you and manage your various complex business affairs.