Global Provider Network

Net Worth has developed a global preferred vendor list to ensure best practice. Our team leader works closely with each service provider to set short and long term goals, review all proposals and monitor performance.

Asset Management

Net Worth has aligned with the best of breed investment advisory firms worldwide. Our network providers develop comprehensive wealth management strategies focused on developing a broad based diversified global portfolio. Our overall philosophy adheres to a unique wealth preservation plan dedicated to providing our clients with a lifetime of financial security. Our network of advisors hold the highest distinction within their respective fields.

Insurance Solutions

Net Worth incorporates qualified insurance solutions into the overall wealth preservation plan. Our providers service our clients' health, disability, life, liability and property- casualty insurance needs. We incorporate insurance solutions into every aspect of our short and long term planning strategies. We provide our clients with case studies to support our basic belief that insurance may in fact be the most important element of their overall financial strategy.

Trust and Estate Planning

Net Worth provides global trust & estate planning designed and customized to serve the complex needs of our clients. Our network of advisors provide counsel in the following areas:

Private Banking

Net Worth has developed a global network of private and public banks who support our clients in their desire to develop long standing banking relationships that matter. Each client is matched with a private banker to oversee their private account activity and to develop savings goals on a quarterly basis. Our banking network allows for quick access to private lending contacts to ensure the best rates possible for our clients. Our team of advisors stay fully engaged with our clients to help them better understand the various lending programs available at competing banks.

Legal counsel

Our global network of legal experts provide you with wide-ranging legal services including corporate, commercial, real estate, securities, banking and private equity. Our providers stay fully engaged to consult our clients on growing their various enterprises, protecting their assets while offering strategies to mitigate exposure. Our experts hold the highest "Legal Ability Rating" and "General Recommendation Rating" for faithful adherence to professional standards of conduct.

Accounting Services

Net Worth's international network of accountants allow access to the foremost authorities in the profession. Our network of providers counsel our clients on the preparation and filing of complex tax returns both domestic and abroad. They advise our clients on developing a budget, managing cash flow and project year end tax liability. Our team stays engaged with each client to provide ongoing education as it relates to tax planning issues worldwide.

Real Estate Services

Our real estate coordinator works in conjunction with our service providers to handle apartment rental, residential buying and selling as well as analyzing investment opportunities. Our network of real estate and mortgage brokers are licensed agents in all 50 states. Our network providers will assist our clients with buying or selling their primary residence, work with local brokers to negotiate apartment leases and advise our clients on mortgage financing. Our global network of providers submit private placement offerings on a consistant basis for our Net Worth team of advisors to review.